My name is Michaela Frech. Some of you might also know me under my pseudonym "Pan Hesekiel Shiroi", which I've been using for more than 10 years by now.

I currently live in Fürth, Germany, with my four beloved cats and my partner and doing art for a living. Right now I focus on anthro, animal and fantasy art as well as illustrations for children's books. I've been drawing pretty much my entire life and always wanted to be an illustrator or freelance artist of some sorts. I started off doing private commissions and group exhibitions. My success encouraged me to finally take a first step into the world of books. I have been painting for children's and fantasy books ever since, while also keeping up the exhibitions and few private commissions.

I was special guest at Mephit Mini Con 15, 2012.

Some of my previous publications were:

  • "Maude" by Vixyy Fox, illustrations (2011); ASIN: B007A7QL9K
  • "Die blaue Schere" (Buchecker Verlag) by Karin Donner, cover and interior illustrations (2011); ISBN: 975-3-936156-26-3
  • "Mit Vivi gelingt's: Ein Schutzengel auf Erden" (Klecks-Verlag) by Elvira Pyttlik, cover and interior illustrations (2012); ISBN: 978-3-942884-65-5
  • "Samson und die vergessene Schachtel: Wie alles begann" (Klecks-Verlag) by Susanne Franke, cover and interior illustrations (2012); ISBN: 978-3-942884-61-7
  • Mephit Mini Con 15 conbook cover (2012)
  • BerliCon 9 t-shirt design (2012)
  • "Samson und die vergessene Schachtel: Die Suche" (United P.C.) by Susanne Franke, cover and interior illustrations (2012); ISBN: 978-8-490158-66-1
  • "Joyce & Bart - Die Heubeziehungskiste" by Emanuel Oto and Petra Graf, additional interior illustrations (2012)
  • Eurofurence 18 conbook centerfold (2012)
  • "Meta Krähwinkel: Die goldene Kugel des Froschkönigs" (Klecks-Verlag) by Karin Haselhuhn, cover illustration (2012); ISBN: 978-3-942884-89-1
  • "Nimmermärchen" (Mysteria-Verlag) by various authors, cover illustration and some interior illustrations (2012); ISBN: 978-1-481129-22-0
  • "Anne-Marie: Bei uns ist immer was los" (Klecks-Verlag) by Sabrina Fangmann, cover illustration and interior illustrations (2013); ISBN: 978-3-944050-39-3
  • "Das Geheimnis des Nebels" (Burg Verlag Rehau) by Pia Hepke, cover illustration (2013); ISBN: 978-3-937344-99-7